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A dog's story
Time: 2010-11-6 13:59:06 



Hi!My name is "Bingo" and I'm a kindly and lovely puppy from my planemodel hobby company,all colleagues like me very much,because I am a smart and docile pet.

One day,it was a sunny sunday, my master took me to a beatiful golfcourse near my house.  

I was looking around,left...

and right

It was such a beautiful place and the air was fragrant

I wanted to sing a song:“There was a farmer had a dog,and Bingo was his name-o ......”

Oh!I miss my girlfriend so much and wanted be here with her

What were those people doing ?

My master said they were playing a ball called golf,"a ball"? I laughed......,suddenly,my master exclaimed "Bingo run quickly,there are big dogs coming here!"

I looked at left tensely,nothing ?

I looked at right,nothing too,where?

Over there!

They were running towards me!

I was so afraid

So I ran at once! 

Ok!it'was safe now!

Oh what's that? I found a wide hobby flying field for my master and his colleagues's  RC helicopters and RC airplanes, so lucky and so fun I was!

The field is inside the Golf Club in the Xiangmi Lake behind my garden district in the Shenzhen city of China.

Ok! That's all for today,I wanted go home......

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