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Time: 2010-3-25 17:54:20 


     Pusher type model trainers "s building

    Mig-21 MF'S 1/32 model

   Making a wooden yacht

   Illustration of military aircraft coating(NO.15)

   A P3A -2 model airplane "s design course

   Father figure of chinese model airplane -huang yongliang(NO.3)

   Drawing model airplane in catia(NO.6)

    Gyroplane &model airplane

◆An old senior trainer with indispensable contribution-ki-54

◆ Repairing throttle rocker potentiometer

Art-tech angel 300 model helicopter

Installing 50F3C fuselage for contest

Applications in model cutter design by solid works (B)

◆ Nice helper -RC Flight simulator(NO.24)

F3C airplane fabrication technique(NO.20) ---building (NO.13)

◆Flying fields



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