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Mini-HowTo - Walkera #52 Palm Sized Micro Brushless Conversion
Time: 2008-7-17 11:02:05 

 Mini-HowTo - Walkera #52 Palm Sized Micro Brushless Conversion

from: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=541138

Not being totally happy with the coreless motor upgrade I did to get past the stock motors from Walkera, I set out to go brushless with this little heli, as I believe it is a great little flyer and only lacking a reliable prime mover.

After searching the host of inrunners and outrunner motors that would be in an acceptable weight and rpm/volt range, I decided to go with a MEDUSAProducts 12mm inrunner Afterburner BL motor. It got the nod because of fit, form and function. It is light @ 16g. It offers an rpm/voltdc capability that will give a good head speed on 2 cell Lipoly packs with a 12t pinion. It has a 1.5mm shaft that is longer than the 12mm motors made by Feigao allowing the pinion to mesh with the spur gear properly and last but not least it is nearly a bolt in installation on the #52's chassis. Pinions with a compatible 1.5mm centerbore and the correct 0.05 module pitch are available by WesTek from www.homefly.com For those wanting to run their own calculations on head speed the main spur has 104 teeth.

I wanted to go with a 2s Lipoly battery for weight reasons and the fact that it should give the little T/R motor a longer life expectancy. The 4 in 1 electronics module on the #52 has an unused channel 3 marked for throttle and I guessed that Walkera has a plan to do a BL conversion for this helicopter the same as was done for the 22 series and the Venom NightRanger 3D (a.k.a the Walkera 322E). I plugged in the BL ESC and crossed my fingers and luck was with me it worked like a champ.

You must understand that if you do this conversion,you do so at your own risk. If you are not really good at soldering it might be better to wait for Walkera to offer their upgrade and buy from them. If you are a tinkerer like me then press on and enjoy creating something.

Here's a list of the goodies I bought to do the upgrade:

CastleCreations Phoenix10 ESC
MEDUSA Products 12mm inrunner BL 4000kv motor
Brass pinion assortment (pinions with 1.5mm centerbore and 0.05 module pitch)
Deans 3 pin non-polarized micro connectors
Deans 2r micro connectors for batteries
GWS 12mm heat sink

Pics show most, if not all, of what you need to know to do this conversion, but if there are questions, please post them here for all to see.

Enjoy - Boyd
AMA 80393
Major USAF

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