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Advanced Radio Control Receiver System
Time: 2008-4-28 13:04:58 



REVOLECTRIX brings to you a range of batteries as that YOU have asked for. With varying
power applications YOU needn’t pay more than you need to for RC power system.
REVOLECTRIX range of REVO batteries are tailored to the needs of our clients and their
toys specifically. Just select from the red or black labeled batteries according to YOUR
With true to life specification sheets we guarantee its performance.
Go ahead, test them and prove us wrong.
Advanced Radio Control  Receiver System
with Digital
Signal Recognition, Failsafe  Operation,
Infrared Flight
Stabilization and Full Telemetry.
4 Sensor,2-Axis Infrared Thermo-
Technology Flight
Stabilitzation maintains level flight for
aircraft and heli. Stabilizes pitch and roll for
almost any R/C aircraft.


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