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JYU Hornet S HornetS Racing 5.8G FPV With Goggles & Gimbal With 12MP HD Camera GPS RC Quadcopter
 999 pc
 Market: 229
 Member price: 229

Streamlined Fuselage

GPS Navigation

Easy to Operate

Max Speed 120KM/h

Accurate to 3.0''

Aerial photo

Flight Time 20 Minutes

Remote Control

Wrist Controller

Designed to be ready to fly in minutes!

Aerodynamic design is easy to fly even for inexperienced users!

The Hornet S is designed to be sleek, light and fast but it's aerodynamic design also helps to reduce air resistance in all directions making it very easy for anyone to fly.

GPS and Inertial Navigation

With both GPS and Inertial Navigation systems, the Hornet S can move easily and quickly between positions, even inside when a GPS signal is not available.

Compare the Power and Performance!

0 to 100 km per hour

The Hornet S does it in 3 seconds while the F458 needs 3.4 seconds!

The Hornet S Control - Perfect Form, Fit and Function

The Hornet S remote controller blends ergonomic design and advanced functionality to provide quick adjustment of GPS location, altitude, speed, orientation and camera angle in a device that fits perfectly in your hand and can be held comfortably even during long flight times.

Worry-free Autopilot

One key to take off/Land

Camera Function

Video Function

Simple Push Button Operation

Remote control operation has never been easier! Our engineers have replaced the most complex functions with simple push button controls.

Classic Colors, Spectacular Performance

White / Black / Racing Red

Beginner Flight Mode

First Flight in as little as 3 minutes!
Push Button Operation lets you fly the Hornet S like an expert!

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Premier Intermediate Flight Mode

The Hornet S Intermediate Flight Mode provides a breathtaking visual experience and can be ready to fly in as little as 3 minutes.

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FPV Racer Mode

Let every second of your flight be outstanding

The Hornet S FPV Racer Flight Mode provides a full immersion FPV experience and can be ready to fly in as little as 3 minutes.

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Two ways to fly!

Two easy ways to fly for the beginner or an expert.

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