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 1000 Set
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Product type: CX-10

Product Name: MINI elf aircraft

Product size: 6*6*2.5CM

Packing size: 7.5*7.5*15CM

Carton size: 48*40*30CM

Packing number: 60/ box

Function: four channel pass band 6 axis gyro

Product color: Four

Remote control type: 2.4G

Remote control distance: 20 meters

Charging time: 30 minutes

Flight time: 4 minutes

The body of 100mAh battery: lithium battery

Remote controller: 2*7 batteries (not included)

Whether the automatic protection function: battery with protective plate

Products with accessories details: 1 manual, 1 remote control, 1USB

Product function is introduced: four band 6 axis gyro: up / down, turn left / right; forward / backward; side fly hovering. Hand thrown, with rolling. 3 speed, three speed level ofself adjustment, low pressure alarm, with lights.

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