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NE R/C 779B P51
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                              NE R/C 779B


P51 mustang is a subminiature fighter plane, easy to control, unique in the market. It has micro propeller with automatic crash stop function. It has been assembled completely in the factory and ready to fly out of box. The perfect place for flying is a gym because it is small in size. Meanwhile, owning a strong power and advanced remote control technology, it also can fly outside in the wind as strong as second or third-grade. The plane is with 3 CH, 2.4 GHZ control technology and modes transferable technology. With proportional throttle, aileron and elevator, together with very realistic appearance, it can give you the pleasure which only exists in the flight of fighter planes. One point needs to be emphasized---P51 mustang can complete stunt action very well though it is with 3 CH.


Model No: NE R/C 779B
Wing span: 400mm
Overall Length: 365mm
Flying weight: 33-34g
Power System: ∮8 Motor
Battery: 3.7V 150mAh Li-PO

Spare parts:



Instruction Manual


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